Graham Mitchell

Greener Journeys
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Following a serious operation, I have been entirely dependent on my local bus service for over three months, and it has completely changed my outlook on using my car as my main method of transport.

I have not been able to drive for health reasons, and the bus has played a huge role in helping me to maintain my lifestyle, and continue with my day-to-day routine.

The bus service is always reliable and I live less than 200 yards from the bus stop, so services are easily accessible. The Transdev buses in my area are brand new, are clean, very punctual, and the bus drivers are always friendly. It enables me to commute from the village into my local town centre in order to go to church, do my shopping and attend meetings for the charity work I’ve been doing since my retirement.

Buses have changed my view on travel completely, and once I am in better health to be able to drive again, I will definitely be opting to use the bus more often – particularly for shorter journeys.