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Every time you don't get the bus, you break a bus driver's heart.Did you ever think that choosing to not take the bus could make your local bus driver lonely, frustrated and sad? Even if the thought hasn’t crossed your mind, the Connect Tees Valley and Local Motion LSTF projects which cover South Durham and the Tees Valley wanted to show local residents that even bus drivers have feelings to encourage more people to make the switch to bus during Catch the Bus Week 2014.

Connect Tees Valley and Local Motion used a local bus driver to front a poster campaign launched during the campaign – a photo of the bus driver ‘crying’ was put on the back of buses, supported with the slogan “every time you don’t get the bus, you break the drivers heart. Bus drivers have feelings too”.

Using outdoor, radio and digital marketing, Connect Tees Valley and Local Motion directed people to a landing page where they could access information on how to plan a journey by bus and find out what activities their local bus operator had planned for that week.

Launch events were hosted in Darlington and Middlesbrough town centres, where a local modern dance troupe performed a ‘bus themed’ dance while promotional staff gave out free tissues and sweets to passers-by, in addition to information about Catch the Bus Week and how to get involved.