Greener Journeys responds to High Court ruling on Government Air Quality Plans

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The High Court has ruled that the government must publish its plans to tackle air pollution by 9 May.

Claire Haigh, Chief Executive of Greener Journeys, the sustainable transport campaign, said:

“We welcome the High Court’s decision to put the UK’s health ahead of political expediency. Air quality is a public health emergency that causes 44,000 early deaths a year and measures to tackle the problem are long overdue.

“However, it is vital that the Government does not simply pander to motorists. Its final plans must tackle the root cause of the air quality problem – our dependence on diesel cars. That must mean heavier penalties for diesel car drivers alongside greater support for more environmentally friendly alternatives such as bus travel.

“But a scheme to scrap older diesel cars is not the most efficient solution. A new report published last week by Greener Journeys proved that fitting clean filters to older diesel buses was a more effective solution. According to the study, ‘bus retrofitting’ would cost the taxpayer just £12 per kilogram of Nitrogen Oxides saved – 15 times less than a car diesel scrappage scheme, which would cost £175 cost for every kilogram saved.”

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About Greener Journeys: Greener Journeys is a campaign dedicated to encouraging people to make more sustainable travel choices. It is a coalition of the UK’s leading public transport organizations, user groups and supporters.  It aims to reduce CO2 emissions from transport by encouraging people to switch some of their car journeys to bus or coach instead. Switching from car to bus for just one journey a month would mean one billion fewer car journeys on our roads and would save 2 million tonnes of CO2 every year.  For more information visit

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