Government’s report on Public attitudes towards climate change and the impact on transport

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Greener Journeys is disappointed by research released today that shows the number of people who believe road transport emissions contribute to climate change has fallen significantly since 2006.

This research by the Department for Transport indicates that 65% of people still believe road transport emissions contribute to climate change, but Greener Journeys believes this figure ought by now to be significantly higher than this.

Claire Haigh, Campaign Director for Greener Journeys comments: “The report goes on to say that whilst people do see cars and planes as the main offenders, and nearly 60% of adults believe that individuals should try and limit their car use as a means to reduce carbon emissions from transport, the statistics overall suggest that the importance of climate change is falling off people’s radar.”

Although the fall is disappointing it is still clear that the majority of people are concerned about climate change and the impact of transport emissions. Greener Journeys sets out to help people reduce the carbon impact of their travel choices by recommending that people just make a small change, such as one commute by bus or coach every month.

These small changes can have a huge impact. The Greener Journeys ‘One Billion Challenge’ estimates that switching from car to bus or coach for just one journey in 25 could save 2 million tonnes of CO2 and would mean one billion fewer car journeys on our roads. This is in fact 50% more CO2 saved from transport than is currently planned by Government over the same period.

To achieve this switch from the car Greener Journeys is calling on the Government to:

  • Set targets for local authorities to encourage modal shift
  • Drive investment in low carbon buses
  • Promote bus priority, park and ride and other measures to cut car commuting
  • Encourage bus travel to reduce ‘school run’ traffic
  • Priority measures to promote coach travel

Source: Greener Journeys

Image by: Megan Trace