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Bus usage is on the decline – what can be done?

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 15th June 2016 by Claire Haigh.

The number of bus journeys across England is on the decline and looks set to fall even further. New figures from the Department for Transport, out yesterday, paint a worrying picture. In the last year, the number of bus journeys in England, both inside and outside of London has fallen. In total there were 118…

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Bus travel: A resolution to stick to

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 21st January 2016

January is often the month for reflection and a resolution to do things differently. As a result of overindulgence during the festive period, many people make resolutions to make healthier eating choices or to do more exercise. An easy way to carry out more exercise on a daily basis is to embed it into your…

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Driving modal shift from car to bus

Published on: 4th November 2014

Insight from two years of research and trials in cities across the UK has been used to develop new techniques to encourage drivers to make the switch to the bus, helping to reduce congestion and carbon emissions. Collaborating with more than twenty bus operators, local authorities, passenger transport executives, charities and community groups, the Greener…

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Bus2020: The Case for the Bus Pass

Published on: 9th September 2014

I am sure we are all delighted that the UK economy is on the mend. It’s great that the recession is behind us. We need a strong, dynamic economy in which everyone can share the benefits. We also need vibrant communities in which everyone  can take part and enjoy a good quality of life. For…

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