The Impact of Congestion on Bus Passengers

Published on: 2nd June 2016

“In this study David rightly highlights the crisis which has developed in bus service reliability across the UK, and suggests a new and urgent need to make our buses quicker and more reliable to make our cities work better. The air quality effects of congestion are getting much airtime just now – the economic effects…

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London Commuters

Health benefits of bus commuting

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 3rd December 2015

Recent research announced at the American Heart Association’s Scientist Sessions meeting in Florida has confirmed what we have known for years. That those who commute to work by bus are often healthier than their colleagues who walk, drive, or cycle. The project, led by Dr Hisako Tsuji of the Moriguchi City Health Examination Centre in…

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Buses and the Economy II – A surveys of expenditure of visitors to city and town centres

Buses and the Economy II: A survey of expenditure of visitors to city and town centres

Published on: 7th January 2014

New Greener Journeys research, conducted by the University of Leeds, profiles spending in town / city centres and retail parks, investigating links between expenditure and accessibility. The study looks at both bus users and non-bus users to compare shopping patterns and spending. The report also establishes what factors influence people’s choice of shopping location to…

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