The Unintended Consequences Of Freezing Fuel Duty

Published on: 1st June 2018

Increasing costs for road users is politically difficult. This is one of the reasons why we have had seven years and eight consecutive budgets where fuel duty has been frozen at a time of historically low oil prices and austerity. The result of seven years of fuel duty freezes is that the price of fuel…

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A fair deal for bus users

Briefing: A fair deal for bus users – Seizing the opportunities for Britain

Published on: 30th July 2015

Every day, buses carry millions of people to work, to shops and to education and training. Buses help older people to be part of their communities, as volunteers or carers. Furthermore, buses are a cost-effective way to reduce road congestion and cut pollution and carbon emissions. As a result, public investment in bus services represents…

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The ‘Bus Bonus’: An idea whose time has come

Tax Incentives for Bus Commuters Executive Summary

Published on: 30th January 2014

A new Greener Journeys report outlines how the ‘Bus Bonus’ – a proposed tax incentive to encourage people to commute by bus – would benefit hard-working commuters, businesses as well as the economy more widely. Working with KPMG LLP, Greener Journeys estimate that the scheme will generate a net benefit of £74.8 million per year to…

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