Bus2020: Case for the Bus report

Published on: 12th February 2015

Every day, buses carry millions of people to work, to the shops and to education and training. Buses help older people to continue to be part of their communities, as volunteers or as carers. Furthermore, buses are a cost effective way to reduce road congestion and cut carbon emissions. In this paper, Greener Journeys sets…

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Concessionary travel costs and benefits September 2014

Published on: 16th September 2014

Concessionary bus travel for older and disabled people is both popular and successful. Last year, the scheme delivered more than 1.2 billion trips to 12 million pass holders in Britain, improving access to essential services and increasing participation rates in activities that would otherwise not be possible.

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Bus2020: The Case for the Bus Pass

Published on: 9th September 2014

I am sure we are all delighted that the UK economy is on the mend. It’s great that the recession is behind us. We need a strong, dynamic economy in which everyone can share the benefits. We also need vibrant communities in which everyone  can take part and enjoy a good quality of life. For…

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National Concessionary Bus Travel for Apprentices Executive SUmmary

National Concessionary Bus Travel for Apprentices Executive Summary

Published on: 12th March 2014

A new report from Greener Journeys calls on Government to adopt a concessionary scheme for apprentices to assist with the cost of getting to work by bus. Greener Journeys believes that the initiative would help tackle the prohibitive cost of accessing work on ‘apprentice minimum wage’ and address youth unemployment crisis. Working with KPMG LLP…

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Bus 2020: A Manifesto for the next Parliament

Bus 2020: A Manifesto for the next Parliament

Published on: 10th September 2013

Over the life of the next Parliament, Britain has a valuable opportunity to harness the potential of the bus. In Bus 2020 Greener Journeys has set out concrete, practical proposals to generate economic growth, create jobs and protect the environment. The next Government should: Promote greener growth, by giving more support to bus priority measures…

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A5 summary of stats on bus business case

Published on: 14th December 2012

Greener Journeys has summarised its killer statistics and arguments into a handy, free, pocket-size A5 leaflet – Making the business case for the bus. The leaflet explains in a snapshot, the various main ways buses contribute to the UK economy and Greener Journeys’ five-point plan towards maximising this, as well as a summary of the…

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Buses & Economic Growth: New Report

Buses and Economic Growth: Main Report

Published on: 3rd June 2012

The full report of our new research which shows how buses can support job market participation and efficiency, stimulate investment and regeneration and provide vital support to local businesses and retail economies.

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