National statement on local bus infrastructure

A National Statement on Local Bus Infrastructure Executive Summary

Published on: 13th June 2014

A new Greener Journeys report presents the case for a ‘national statement on local bus infrastructure’ to promote long term investment in bus related infrastructure and priority measures. Traffic congestion in urban areas remains a stubborn and costly problem. Greener Journeys believes targeted investment in local bus infrastructure and selective priority measures will improve the…

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Buses and the Economy II – A surveys of expenditure of visitors to city and town centres

Buses and the Economy II: A survey of expenditure of visitors to city and town centres

Published on: 7th January 2014

New Greener Journeys research, conducted by the University of Leeds, profiles spending in town / city centres and retail parks, investigating links between expenditure and accessibility. The study looks at both bus users and non-bus users to compare shopping patterns and spending. The report also establishes what factors influence people’s choice of shopping location to…

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