Briefing to incoming Ministers

Briefing to Incoming Ministers

Published on: 24th July 2015

Greener Journeys applauds the UK’s return to economic growth. In particular, we welcome the Government’s commitment to delivering what the Chancellor of the Exchequer has called a “truly national recovery”. We are aware, however, that the economic recovery remains a work in progress and needs to be sustained. The solution lies in making better use…

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Buses and the Economy II – A surveys of expenditure of visitors to city and town centres

Buses and the Economy II: A survey of expenditure of visitors to city and town centres

Published on: 7th January 2014

New Greener Journeys research, conducted by the University of Leeds, profiles spending in town / city centres and retail parks, investigating links between expenditure and accessibility. The study looks at both bus users and non-bus users to compare shopping patterns and spending. The report also establishes what factors influence people’s choice of shopping location to…

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Bus 2020: A Manifesto for the next Parliament

Bus 2020: A Manifesto for the next Parliament

Published on: 10th September 2013

Over the life of the next Parliament, Britain has a valuable opportunity to harness the potential of the bus. In Bus 2020 Greener Journeys has set out concrete, practical proposals to generate economic growth, create jobs and protect the environment. The next Government should: Promote greener growth, by giving more support to bus priority measures…

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A5 summary of stats on bus business case

Published on: 14th December 2012

Greener Journeys has summarised its killer statistics and arguments into a handy, free, pocket-size A5 leaflet – Making the business case for the bus. The leaflet explains in a snapshot, the various main ways buses contribute to the UK economy and Greener Journeys’ five-point plan towards maximising this, as well as a summary of the…

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Buses and Economic Growth Summary

Buses and Economic Growth: Summary

Published on: 3rd July 2012

Greener Journeys’ summary of new, independent research which shows how buses can support job market participation and efficiency, stimulate investment and provide vital support to local businesses and retail economies.

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