Maximising the benefits of local bus services

Published on: 28th July 2020

In February 2020 Department for Transport (DfT) announced £5 billion of new funding for bus services and cycling.  £2 billion has been allocated to active travel and £3 billion to bus travel.  Of the £3 billion of new funding for buses, DfT has suggested an initial allocation of funding £1 billion to support investment in…

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Economy cannot restart without public transport

Transport Knowledge Hub logo Published on: 28th July 2020

£2 billion bus investment would generate 425 million new bus journeys per year. Every £1 of bus investment would deliver £4.48 of wider benefits to society. From 1st August Government should encourage people to use public transport. Research commissioned by Greener Journeys demonstrates that investing in bus would deliver a significant boost to the economy.…

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A green recovery must have public transport at its heart

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 17th June 2020 by Claire Haigh.

We have had a glimpse of a world with clean air, but it is fading fast. The lockdown emptied the roads, cleared the skies and precipitated a 60% drop in nitrogen dioxide levels. However, as economies restart, global emissions have already bounced back to just 5% below pre-pandemic daily levels. And now as Government urges…

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Funding Transport

Published on: 8th April 2020

David Bayliss, Stephen Glaister and Tony Travers address the problems of funding local transport infrastructure and transport services without making additional financial demands on central or local government. They propose the creation of regional, public interest transport funding bodies. Their income would be an allocation of the extra revenue from increasing the rate of road…

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Ending fuel duty freeze could treble NHS budget for doctors and nurses

Published on: 10th March 2020

Ending fuel duty freeze would raise enough revenue over current Parliament to treble NHS budget for doctors and nurses for one year. Freeze in fuel duty since 2011 has cost the Exchequer more than £50 billion Freeze has triggered an extra 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions Ending the freeze in fuel duty would…

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Begin with the end in mind

Transport Knowledge Hub logo Published on: 20th January 2020 by Claire Haigh.

There is a lot riding on COP26. The last decade was the hottest on record. Global greenhouse gas emissions need to fall by 7.6% every year to 2030, but there is no sign even of emissions peaking in the next few years. As host nation UK is under heightened pressure to demonstrate credible and consistent…

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Decarbonising Transport

Transport Knowledge Hub logo Published on: 8th November 2019 by Claire Haigh.

Pressure to deliver a credible plan for net zero will weigh heavily on whoever is in Number 10 on the 13th December. Heightened levels of public concern about climate change will be in even sharper focus next year when the UK hosts COP26. Let’s start by acknowledging the scale of the challenge. If we are…

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Arup final report

Benefits of bus investment revealed after Chancellor extends Transforming Cities Fund

Published on: 2nd November 2018

Buses-on-demand, virtual bus lanes and dedicated busways boost bus services across UK New report for Greener Journeys by Arup, together with bus operators, shows smart infrastructure can make buses faster and more reliable, and attract people out of cars £2.4bn Transforming City Fund provides opportunity to invest in local bus services A new generation of…

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Bus Infrastructure Investment

Published on: 2nd November 2018

Ove Arup and Partners Ltd (Arup) has been commissioned by Greener Journeys to study and report on where investment in bus infrastructure could help to tackle congestion and unlock wider social, economic and environmental benefits.

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