London Buses

Greener Journeys welcomes introduction of new Mayor’s ‘Hopper’ fares

Published on: 11th May 2016

The new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced yesterday that he will be introducing a one hour bus ‘Hopper’ fare in September. This will allow bus passengers who pay fares using Oyster and contactless payments to change buses within one hour without having to pay additional fares. Commenting on the announcement, Claire Haigh, Chief Executive…

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LEPs hold the keys to growth

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 29th April 2016 by Claire Haigh.

Centralisation has for too long been choking off growth. There is a clear consensus across the political spectrum that power and decision making needs to be devolved, and that local people are best placed to drive local economic growth. Whilst there is broad agreement on the overall direction of travel, what is not yet clear…

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Greener Journeys response to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ report, Public Transport for an ageing population

Published on: 23rd October 2015

Claire Haigh, Chief Executive of Greener Journeys, said: “Buses are a vital lifeline for many older people so it’s important to make sure they are easily accessible, but taking away the bus pass is not the answer. “Free bus passes generate extensive social and economic benefits, for example by enabling volunteers and carers to support…

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Bus Priority: The London Perspective

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 14th September 2015 by Alex Phillips and David Field.

Bus patronage in London has witnessed significant growth over the last 15 years. In fact journeys have nearly doubled, driven by population growth, service quality improvements and fares policy. Today 6.5 million bus trips are made each weekday, or around 2.4 billion per year. Buses are the main mode of travel for a staggering 21…

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A fair deal for bus users

Briefing: A fair deal for bus users – Seizing the opportunities for Britain

Published on: 30th July 2015

Every day, buses carry millions of people to work, to shops and to education and training. Buses help older people to be part of their communities, as volunteers or carers. Furthermore, buses are a cost-effective way to reduce road congestion and cut pollution and carbon emissions. As a result, public investment in bus services represents…

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Briefing to incoming Ministers

Briefing to Incoming Ministers

Published on: 24th July 2015

Greener Journeys applauds the UK’s return to economic growth. In particular, we welcome the Government’s commitment to delivering what the Chancellor of the Exchequer has called a “truly national recovery”. We are aware, however, that the economic recovery remains a work in progress and needs to be sustained. The solution lies in making better use…

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New report Nov 2014

Costs and benefits of the Bus Service Operators Grant

Published on: 30th October 2014

New research for Greener Journeys by KPMG LLP shows bus funding delivers up to £3.50 of economic benefits for every £1 spent. These benefits include reduced fares and improved services, better connectivity for communities and workers as well as improved health and wellbeing amongst bus passengers. Any funding cuts would have serious implications for fares…

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Report statistic infographic

Bus2020: The Case for the Bus Pass

Published on: 9th September 2014

I am sure we are all delighted that the UK economy is on the mend. It’s great that the recession is behind us. We need a strong, dynamic economy in which everyone can share the benefits. We also need vibrant communities in which everyone  can take part and enjoy a good quality of life. For…

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National statement on local bus infrastructure

A National Statement on Local Bus Infrastructure Executive Summary

Published on: 13th June 2014

A new Greener Journeys report presents the case for a ‘national statement on local bus infrastructure’ to promote long term investment in bus related infrastructure and priority measures. Traffic congestion in urban areas remains a stubborn and costly problem. Greener Journeys believes targeted investment in local bus infrastructure and selective priority measures will improve the…

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