An idea whose time has come

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 24th November 2020 by Claire Haigh.

Centrepiece of the Prime Minister’s 10 Point Plan for a “green industrial revolution” was the announcement on ending sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2030. Let’s not underestimate how significant this is as a statement of UK intent and a signal to the rest of the world.  The PM had been…

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Vehicles on Road with Traffic Jam Pollution

Taking the politics out of road pricing

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 18th November 2020 by Professor David Begg.

John F Kennedy wrote in “Profiles in Courage” that he admired politicians who put policy before politics. The policy on road pricing has been one of the best fiscal changes that any government could have made over the last generation.  It has always been the most effective way to tackle traffic congestion and reduce pollution…

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Picture of a bike trailer

We must think outside the delivery box before it’s too late

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 10th November 2020 by Oliver Lord.

Most of us are breathing toxic fumes the minute we step outside our front door. With a rise in e-commerce, we need a concerted effort to decarbonise our transport system and clean up our air. Polluting diesel vans are rattling around the country more than ever before. Last year, annual van traffic rose to a…

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Veterans of the railways want fair fares for all

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 5th November 2020 by Simon Jones.

Waiting for a rail review to conclude can take as long as the wait for the trains to arrive. In 2019 we were expecting change to our daily commute with more integration, so things were sorted out quicker when things went wrong. And after several false dawns, Covid hit, and recommendations in an unpublished review,…

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Meeting the challenge for a healthier future

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 3rd November 2020 by Katy Taylor.

Coronavirus has caused myriad problems that will be with us for many years to come. We shouldn’t allow rising pollution and poorer air quality to add to that list. But the numbers speak for themselves. Go-Ahead’s train services on GTR and Southeastern are only carrying around one-third of passengers compared to last year. Bus passenger numbers are better but still only 55%. Meanwhile car use has been on the rise and is now over 90%, despite recession and increased…

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Vehicles on Road with Traffic Jam Pollution

The new transport agenda – the new normal

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 29th October 2020 by David Davies.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had terrible consequences, for people and the economy. We may have a vaccine soon but and the crisis is far from over and more restrictions and adaptation seem inevitable. How will this impact decarbonisation of transport? The pandemic has changed the transport realities, perhaps irreversibly. Now, more than at any stage…

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Climate change respects no boundaries

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 26th October 2020 by Claire Haigh.

In this moment of acute crisis for the UK, with Covid raging and Brexit threatening to tear the four nations apart, the concept of the Union will need to be completely rethought.  At the same time, a crisis of unimaginable scale is coming down the line which the UK will have a critical role to…

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Imagine: A Transport System Based Around People

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 15th October 2020 by Jamie Driscoll.

Imagine public transport so good that you’d rather not use your car. Imagine a system that was designed to move people rather than vehicles. Imagine a system that allows people to get wherever they want, whenever they want, without having to adapt their work & leisure to suit the availability or cost of transport. In…

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The Journey to Zero Carbon

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 13th October 2020 by Joan Walley.

This month the Leopard pub in my hometown of Burslem closed its doors and was put up for sale by the brewery. Calling last orders on a much loved local hostelry in a town that drove the industrial revolution with its ceramic manufacturers, its coal and its clay is seen locally as much as a…

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Decarbonising access through supply-led demand

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 8th October 2020 by Glenn Lyons.

Climate emergency declarations are like a rash. There was a pre-COVID sense of urgency developing, energised by the movement led by Greta Thunberg. According to a 2019 survey, 79% of EU citizens saw climate change as a very serious problem (up from 74% in 2017). The transport sector is the tough nut to crack if…

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