Decarbonisation – Must Deliver on User Priorities to be Successful

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 17th September 2020 by Robert Samson.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a profound impact on our health and wellbeing, on business, the economy and transport, climate change has taken a bit of a back seat. It’s easy to forget that the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) was originally to take place less than two…

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Image by Simon Jowett (flickr)

Decarbonisation – an act of reciprocity

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 15th September 2020 by Frazer Henderson.

Without the distractions that tend to make life hectic the recent lockdown has provided an opportunity for reflection and contemplation and a chance to gain a deeper, perhaps more insightful, perspective of the issues that confront us all. I used the occasion to spend some of the enforced confinement in expanding the range of my…

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Best Friends Forever: shared transport and decarbonisation

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 10th September 2020 by Richard Dilks.

It is super-welcome to see decarbonisation rise up the political agenda. Better late than never. Yet it is of course neither a new topic nor the first time it has come to prominence in the UK. The solutions that enable us to cut greenhouse gas emissions are mostly not new either. What would be new…

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Getting to net zero

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 3rd September 2020 by Dieter Helm.

How do we get to net zero? The easy bit is passing the legislation for a 2050 net zero target. The difficult bit is working out what needs to be done, and how to make a difference to global warming. The Climate Change Committee tells us that “by reducing emissions produced in the UK to…

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The Road to Net Zero: Can hydrogen vehicles pave the way?

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 1st September 2020 by Jodie Dunz.

Chances are you or someone you know has uttered the words ‘my next car will be electric‘.  And why not? The environmental benefits of electric vehicles (EV) are clear and significant global investment is carrying EVs into the mainstream.  However, much like road testing a car, one size does not fit all.  The logistics sector…

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We will not have clean air without a cleaner transport system

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 27th August 2020 by Andrea Lee.

In the next ten years, if all goes to plan, we could see the sale of new diesel and petrol cars phased out in this country as part of wider efforts to decarbonise our transport system in the quest to address the climate emergency. But what about our health in the meantime? Legal limits for…

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Let’s seize the chance to decarbonise transport

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 20th August 2020 by Darren Shirley.

There’s no getting around it: when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, transport is not doing well. In the UK, domestic transport emits more carbon than any other sector, but the good news is that the Government has recognised this and resolved to act through its Decarbonising Transport Plan. Back in March, when it announced…

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Decarbonising transport outside cities

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 18th August 2020 by Stephen Joseph.

In discussions about transport and decarbonisation, there is a strongly expressed view from some quarters that while it might be possible to decarbonise transport in cities, outside these there is no alternative to cars for any of the journeys people make and that any attempts to reduce car use outside cities are unrealistic. Yet the…

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It’s time to step out of our silos

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 11th August 2020 by Jenni Wiggle.

In ‘Decarbonising Transport: Setting the Challenge’, Government takes the welcome approach of viewing all modes of transport together. Ensuring that more trips can be made by foot is a crucial part of the solution – and the new cycling and walking plan for England ‘Gear Change’ is a step in the right direction too. But more needs to be done. The National Travel Survey for England shows that almost 80% of journeys under a mile…

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Zero emissions experiments

Greener Journeys logo Published on: 6th August 2020 by Dr Rachel Aldred.

I recently participated in the DfT roundtables on decarbonising transport. I recorded a short video as part of this, making the case for a radical policy experiment to trial a substantial shift away from car use. We need radical thinking about policy implementation, because we need to go much further and faster than current European…

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