The journey is as important as the destination – holidaying by bus

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Earlier this month the Daily Telegraph reported on a couple, Michael and Jacqui Burden, who travelled the length of Britain for free using their bus passes. Admittedly this may not appeal to everyone, but it’s a great way to travel and proof for anyone who ever doubted it that we have a fantastic bus network that can take you from one end of the country to the other.

Using their freedom passes, the couple were able to save on bus fares. But, even if they had to pay the full fares, the journey from Devon to Carlisle, more than 376 miles, would only have cost £120.85. Friends thought they were mad and wondered why when they had two cars, they didn’t they use one of them? Mr. Burden explained: “You see the sorts of places that you would normally miss when you’re shooting past in the car.” For this adventurous couple it was about getting off the motorway and seeing and enjoying parts of the country that they would have failed to notice when by travelling by car.  And they could just sit back, relax and let someone else do the driving.

When planning our holidays, we can often overlook the bus as part of the holiday adventure. But as Mr and Mrs Burden’s story demonstrates, the bus is a cost-effective, fun and easy way to travel. This summer, buses and coaches have transported hundreds and thousands of festival go-ers to events all over the country, allowed families to escape hot cities to cool-off at the beach and friends to catch-up at the weekend.

Not only can the bus and coaches be a great way to reach your holiday destination, they can save you money on tourist attractions while you are away. When planning on visiting an attraction it’s worth checking online whether your bus ticket will give you a discount. Visit the attractions in beautiful Cornwall and Somerset, the historic Bath or the cities of Manchester and Birmingham. For families, travelling by bus offers you discounts to Butlins and the Sea Life Centre in Brighton.

There is no doubt that buses play a vital role in getting people to work, children to school and in providing access to shops and vital services. However buses aren’t all hard work and no play. When planning your next adventure, be it to somewhere local or at the other end of the country, remember there is bus, or in the case of Mr and Mrs Burden 28 buses, that can take you there. So sit back and enjoy the journey.

Photo: Jason Jones.

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