Catch the Bus Week: Perfect time to give the bus a go

Claire Walters
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If you haven’t been on a bus in years, this week is definitely the time to try again. It is Catch the Bus Week, which runs from 28 April-4 May, and lots of bus companies, local councils and transport operators all over the country are offering a range of incentives to tempt you to give them another try.

As those of us who use buses a lot know, today’s buses are clean, comfortable and convenient and it certainly beats sitting in a traffic jam watching the buses sail by in the bus lane! Many buses now have wifi so I can work between meetings and also keep up to date with colleagues and friends while I’m on the move.

Today’s buses bear no resemblance to those I remember in my youth as design and investment has made to ensure they are a much better way to travel: even if you’re not too steady on your feet, need to use a walking aid or wheelchair, or travel with kids, a buggy and tons of shopping. Getting information is so much easier than it was, and in many places you know when the bus is coming in real time and visual and audio announcements give you reassurance about where you are when you’re on the bus.

And the other great thing is, you’re not having to fight your way through traffic or search for a parking place when you get to your destination. And if you’re still shopping, enjoying a drink or have bumped into friends in town you’re not clock watching because your parking is about to expire: you can always get a later bus home. It’s so much easier to use the bus than it once was: and often much easier and less stressful than driving too!

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yvonne maguire

I catch the bus 5 days a week to go to work CATCH THE BUS WEEK given a daily word to enter BUT WHERE WAS IT SUPPOSED TO BE ENTERED?


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