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Go on, try it! Your bus journey will almost undoubtedly be better than you think it will be. How do we know? – well, every year we talk to thousands of bus passengers in England about the bus journey they are just making.

Passenger Focus has just published its latest Bus Passenger Survey report. 34,000 bus passengers took part. The results make interesting reading. Nearly nine out of 10 passengers were satisfied overall with their last journey – this represents a significant improvement. Some operators scored very high levels of satisfaction – 96% in one case. Satisfaction with many other elements of the journey were also good – if you don’t believe me take a look:


The data can be easily searched to craft the questions you want answered. We have results for different areas, operators, value for money, journey times, bus driver helpfulness and so on. So, as a straightforward, consumer proposition many passengers felt they broadly got what they paid for or expected.

As with all other areas involving public service non-users tend to have a lower opinion than users. This holds true for health, education and many other areas. Many people will not have been on a bus for years. They have improved enormously – information is better, staff are more customer focused, many bus services now have wi-fi and buses are more comfortable. Sure, some things still need to be improved but the research plainly shows bus services are getting better.

So, go on, give the bus a try – you may be very pleasantly surprised!

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