Best foot forward with Walk to Work Week

Claire Haigh
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We have come to the end of Walk to Work Week, and it’s been a truly glorious week to get outside and put your best foot forward on the way to work. We couldn’t have had better weather or more sunshine to coax commuters everywhere out of their cars.

The national event is part of National Walking Month, an annual campaign organised run by Living Streets which promotes walking for all. Living Streets have been encouraging workers all over the country to track how many calories they’ve burned, how much CO2 they’ve saved and even how much further they’ve walked than their colleagues!

Starting your day by walking to walk has numerous benefits, leaving the car at home leaves our heads clearer, our wallets fatter whilst taking us past hidden treasures we don’t notice with our eyes on the car in front.

Unfortunately, not everyone lives close enough to their workplace to be able to walk the whole way this week. Luckily for them, many of the benefits of working to work can be enjoyed by hopping on the bus for part of your journey too. Daily walks to and from your bus stop and destination can burn a whopping 23,630 calories a year! That’s more than the number of calories you burn swimming the channel, and taking the bus to work is certainly a little less chilly! Every year, the average bus commuter walks the equivalent of 11 marathons, so if your workplace is a little too far to work, you can be sure to reap the benefits regardless.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Just like walking, taking the bus to work gives you a chance to clear your head but you also free to get lost in a great book, pick up the phone to a family member you haven’t seen in a while or catch up on that episode of EastEnders that you missed.

Whilst not everyone was able to walk the whole way to work this week, taking the bus provides a great alternative. For many though the bus is more than an alternative, it is a vital lifeline. The Environmental Audit Committee found that over 12% of the UK’s working population get to work by bus each day, and the Institute of Transport found that over 1 in 10 of us would have to change jobs if their bus services ceased to exist.

I hope Walk to Work Week has been a success, for those walking, and for those hopping on the bus for part of the journey. The benefits to both are vast and Greener Journeys is always excited to see campaigns encouraging everyone to make more sustainable travel choices, whatever they may be!


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